iGlowStick for iPhone

iglowstick_iphonespielwerk, the developers of '3D logic' offer now the most essential application for your iPhone and iPod touch - the iGlowStick.
To let it glow break the stick and shake the device!


  • it glows!!!
  • 6 different colours and 3 cool styles
  • 3 additional seasonal sytles which get updated regularly
  • the glowstick can also be used as flashlight
  • essential for concerts and parties


iGlowStick is available on the App Store for free!


iGlowStick screenshots

iGlowStickPro - animated glowsticks!
Friday, 10 December 2010 12:25

icon_igspro_grIt's getting even better: the pro version of the popular iGlowstick offers additional animated styles which are reacting to iPhone motion.
More information on iGlowStickPro ...

iGlowStick video